Anti Tanning Mark Bikini
Anti Tanning Mark Bikini
Anti Tanning Mark Bikini
Anti Tanning Mark Bikini
Anti Tanning Mark Bikini


Anti Tanning Mark Bikini

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Unlike any other bikini!

The Dazileo bikini is made of a unique material that transmits sunlight through micro perforations in the fabric layers for an even, golden tan!

Designed with all women in mind, our bikinis are flattering, stylish, lightweight, breathable and versatile.
After more than a year in the works, they are finally available to you!

How does it work?

"Our advanced "micro tan" technology allows the sun's rays to pass through thousands of micro perforations in the fabric to the skin, minimizing and preventing tan lines, providing a golden tan all over the body.

We've achieved the perfect balance, allowing enough light to pass through the microperforations in the fabric, while providing good protection and NO transparency.

Fast drying

The bikini dries up to 7 times faster than ordinary bikinis.
This means you no longer have to stay in a wet bikini, which is ideal for preventing urinary tract infections.

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  • Adjustable side straps
  • No lining
  • Lightweight, it feels like a new skin, so you can take more with you.

Size guide

Only the cup size counts, because the bra can be adjusted to suit you.

Our model wears a size S for the top and a size S for the bottom.


For the top: For a push-up effect, take the next size down.

Bottom: If you're between 2 sizes, take the next size up.